Think about the Yongo in the New World

In the One Piece world, there is a dangerous line called Grand line. it was surrounded by four normal sea: South Blue, East Blue, North Blue and West Blue. Match with Grand Line, The four blue is a peace land. And Grand Line can be divided into two part, and the last half of it always called New World. Which is known to all, the first part of Grand Line was controled by Navy and Shichibukai, so if you can get rid of the arrest of navy and hide from Shichibukai, you can enter the New World.

  Yongo, the king in the New World, used to be Shirohige, Shanks, Big Mam and Kaido. Copmare with the power of Shichibukai, we know that Yongo are always in advantage. Their even more strong than the general in World goverment. So how can we judge the power of this gour guys? Shirohige own the power to destory the whole world; Shanks have an amazing Haki even can against the ability of Shirohige; Kaido beat Shichibukai Moriya easily and almost kill him; Big Mam an destory a country just in a second. those are all the truth in One Piece story! So I think we cna judge the power of them by match with the other guys. Yongo is more strong than Shichibukai and general in Navy, each one of them have the ability to influence the step of the world pirate even the whole world. In a word, have the power to against the goverment.
  So Luffy and his nakama wil enter the New World finally, after the fisherman island affair, we cannot judge the power of them, but i believe there are powerfu lto growning up in fight. In order to win the super new star who already in the New World for two years, Luffy have to work more harder!

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