Prince of tennis new chapter

There are many kinds of manga type in Jump magazine, and most of them are very fantastic. Almost each manga has its own type: sport, love, school, detective, fifht and so on. The smmary of the manga decide it belong to whicg type. I believe mist of the manga lovers remember the amazing sport manga called Prince of Tennis.I mentioned it because this is really a unique manga, it can diveded it\nto sport manga but it's also too Science Fiction to judge by its style.

  At the begining of 2012, there is a good news to Tennis manga lovers: The new chapter of this manga has been made into anime. This anime was based on the new story of the author. We know that almost all of the man appears in the Prince of Tennis are Junior middle school students. And in the new story, the main characters and his teamates and compitors are all in senior middle school. It's no doubt that they will meet many guys more stronger than before. It's a simple question, the senior students are always have more skills and more powerful than the junior. And almost all of the used stronger are in the senior school. Such as the leader od Tesuka is Yamato.

  Actually I haven't watch the anime so far, because I know the schedule of this anime must be slowly. The manga are only seventy chapters. And this new story was posted on the monthly Junp magazine, it means it will updated every month not every week.

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