Prelude of the Dai-Matou Enbu

After seven years "sleep", the main fighters in Fairy tails are not stronger enough to win the Dai-Matou Enbu, Natsu is a good example, he ahve to use the full power to beat a used not very strong guy in the Giruto. Seven years is a long time to everyone grown up, and in order to become more strong, there should to improve their ability in a mnth, because the Dai-Matou Enbu is a month later.

  But the truth always against the plan, Due to the invite of the Seirei, all of the Fairy Tail madoshi enjoy a trip to the Seirei's world, lost most of the time at that place. Because the time in Seirei are totally different with the human world. Lucy and the others madoshi feel very disappoint about this. At this time, a call from a unknow people lead them to the inside of the foreast. The man is Ankoku no Madoshi Jellal and his nakama. Their told Lucy, Natsu and Eraza there is a method to improve their ability in a short time. In return, this method is very dangerous and painful. All of them have to suffer some amazing pian to exchange the power. Have no choice, Fairy Tail accept that and ready to use that way!
  And there is a good result between Eraza and Jellal. Actually tehre are many relationships between this two guys when they are young. It's really difficult to judge whether Jellal can step on the justice way, even thogh he has changed. But finally , there tell the truly sounds in their mind and slove many problems. It's a good reault!

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