Alliance or friendship about Tsuna

To be a used navy from Italy, Colonnello own a amazing skills on snipe, so he was confindence to shoot everyone in the battlefield  that disturb the fight between Tsuna, Byukuran and Rokudo. After recovery to his original body, he start his project: use his skills to beat the others in a long distance. Which is known to all, the proxy of him are not very strong enough to beat the others except Tsuna's father and best friend. And the truth proves that it's really a good idea.

  From the conflict to now, many strong guys lost in the game just because the special rules. It's a war to test many different ability not only the power. Fon is a good example, he has only one proxy and the one is Hibari. Now, four most stronger family trugged into a field. And on the other hand, Fight between Hibari and Varia almost start. It's really different to guess what will happend next. Alomost everyone are totallly powerful. But after the interrupt of Colonnello, the original balance has been broken. Team power of yuni was weaked very much. Many leaders was hruted because of the attack of Colonnello. Byukuran, Rokudo, Kikyo, Flan and many other members even different to continue the fight. Ihave to say  the threate from Colonnello really huge! From this affair, we can infer the truly power of Arcobaleno! Really terrify!
  But the most exciting moment in this chapter is the meet of Hibari and Varia. With the character of Hibari, I think he will beat all of the member of Varia except Xanxus. Actually it's really difficult to judge the power between Hibari and Xanxus. There are never fight with each ther. Hibari is the most stronger guy in the protecter of Tsuna, but Xanxus get a new unknown ring. If there is a fight of them, that's must be amazing!

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