Dawn of the Shirigami and Fullbringers battle

Actually we can guess the result at the begining of this battle. I have to say that there is a long distance betwwn them, Fullbringers are too weak to beat Shirigami. So after a not very hard struggle, almost all of the fullbringers dead in this chapter, let's do a summary and talk about the justice of those lost people.

  In order to kick the fullbring ability out of their body, an organization called Xcution many Fullbringers try to bring Ichigo's Shirigami power back. (At least Ginjo told ichigo like this, even though we know it's only a lie.) Ichigo started to training himself under the Riruka's help: Dollhouse. At the last part of train, it was interrupted by a mysterious man Tsukishima with the ability Book of the End.Because the protection of Ginjo and any other members, Ichigo escaped from Tsukishima's attack and take all his power back finally. But almost all members of Xcution are influenced by Tsukishima's ability and think that he is their friend. Ichigo try his best to fight with Tsukishima then know the truly purpose of those fullbringers: try to recover his ability and then rob the power to themsrlf.
  Then some of the captains of Soul Society come to the battlefield and use all of the captain's Shirigami power to exchange the Ichigo's ability and finally successed. Ichigo bring all the power back. After the help of Uruhara and his father, Ichigo can use his full power to beat Ginjo. And now, The fight between Shirigami and Fullbringers has finished, The dawn is coming. What will happend next?

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