Monkey king Son Goku is the Yonbi

I believe most of Naruto readers are shocked by Masashi Kishimoto. At the begning of fourth Ninja war, there are many strong characters and weapons appeared and we know that all of that are copied from the famous novle MONKEY! And now, the biju Yonbi even have the same name with the main character in the Chinese novel: Goku! Which is known to all, there is a famous manga called Dragon Ball, and it's mann character also named after Goku!

  From this new free manga online Chapter, we also know the name of Kyubi: Kurama. And we even knoe every biju has a name, not just named after the account of their tails. And what can we learned from this resource? I think we can guess the control methods of Madara, because we can get some message from Yonbi. He was just locked by Madara not controled by him. It means all of the biju can get rid of the control if Madara have no enough to control them. (From the Gobi attacking affair we know that it's not very easy to conqure a Biju easily). If Kakashi, Gai and KillerB can delaied the action of madara, I believe all of the Biju can escapeD! But it's only a auusme, Kakashi, Gai and Killer have to fight againest another five Biju, actually that's a hard job!
  At the last page of this one, Goku and Naruto has made a agreement. Naruto help Yonbi escape from Madara's control, and Yonbi help Naruto recovery. It's a double-balde project. I am afraid that Madara will disturb that. Because it's no doubt that madara will take many action to prevent the Biju saved from others.

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