Can Luffy strong enough to protect Fishman island

It's really a shock to me when I watch the latest One Piece manga online. First of all, we all played by the Jump( the mangnize that produce the manga), even thugh it is one week late to refresh, but only late to one week! But it can be a good news to us and we do not need to wait one more weeks! Second is the source of 651, Luffy want to beat big Mam!

  I have just said that maybe Big Mam is the mother of Rora and Rora is one of the friends of Luffy, so I think there will never happen a battle bettle Luffy and Yokon. At the fishman island, we can see Luffy and his nakama beat Hody pirates and the new star Karipu easily, but I have to say that all of them are too week to fight against Luffy. I mean even in two years ago Their can also be beated vry relax, so in the battle we can not judge the power of luffy very well. And I do not know whether he has the power to against Big Mam. In this chapter we still cannot watch the really face of Big Mam, and author only show many members below her to us. From those people I can guess that she actually not a totally bad guy, because none of this people are love volence even try to avoid affair.
  So I still believe that she has some relationship with Rora.Maybe not the mother and daughter. And seems that everyone in her ship call her mom, in my opinion, Rora can be one of the pirates belong to Big Mam. So she call Charlotte Linlin mam. It can be true!

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