I really feel disappointment with Bleach series

Which is known to all, there are three famous manga in Japan always earn more and more watchers pay attentions to them: Bleach, One Piece and Naruto. And it's no doubt that all of them are classical manga with high quality. But something changed recently. With the development of the manga story, One Piece almost enter the New World part; Naruto already started the Ninja war. But what about Bleach?

  I can also seen the struggle of Bleach author but I really feel disappointment about that. Actually Bleach also have a new part and not very bad too. But I think this new part almost get rid from the oringinal story, even thouth autoor try to built many connection to the last part but not very good. The clue seems to thin to persude me that this is the same story. I even thought that This is not Bleach but another manga. From the lastest manga we know that all of the fullbrigners are beated by the Soul Society and Ichigo finally bring his Shinigami power back. But this whole part looks so boring that I really want to give Bleach up.
    Maybe someone like this kind of style and still looking forward to the future story, but if you has read this manga carefully, you will find some suspends that the author leaves to us are always not a foreshadowing, it's only a meaningless way to make this manga more mmystery. Ihave to say, I start to hate Bleach. No matter the manga or anime!


    Almost at the eve of the new year and there isa shock news about the latest Japan free manga: Most of the manga are pause refresh for two weeks! For our manga lovers, it means we have to wait three more weeks to watch the new manga. Big shock, isn't it? And after the new years come, at the first week of 2012, we can read the newest manga online.

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