Something about the Japan manag and anime

When Japan manga step into the stage of world, we start to know that we can drawing manga in this way. I believe nobody will doubt the position of Nihon in good manga and anime field, because even the super cartoon country USA cannot against it in animation. Especially the 2-D anime, show a totally new world to the universal.

  Japan anime and manga can divide into many parts, of course this methods not offical, just divided by myself. Something like K-ON is the cute type, in Japanese is kawai. Those free manga actually have no many contents in it, but some nonsense talk, life tme and so on. Something like One Piece can divided into Exciting manga because the contents are always very explosion and full of fighting scenery. And in summary proves that those good manga type are attaching most of the manga lovers.

If you often shocked by the story of some anime, it means you are totally a anime and manga online lover. Some excellent manga have some common point, such as Naruto, One Piece, Hunter X Hunter and any others. Those manga are all created a unique world that totally difference with our truly world. Have some special career: ninja, Pirates, Hunter. And those things are also difference with the really one. So I think one of the element to judge whether the good manga is a high quality one, the most useful way is check the basement of that story. The more strange, the more good story!

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