Makarov in Fairy Tail

Well the most i look at it, the most i see Makarov being the main responsible for the FT spirit to live through his pupils. Ater all you never see him teach Magic to anyone, but he's always there to tell his people "Learn and practice magic as much and as well as you need, as long as you do it the right way". He's the pillar that protect the FT spirit, like Purehito sure was during his time.

  And that would be laxus jk maybe but makarov is a good person always want to protect his family in the guild also he is very strong but haven;t proven to us how powerful he is he only showed us against jose when he use fairy law. but we need to see him fight more and i know his age is affecting his health but still we need him to get into a awesome battle with somebody maybe hades if he gets heal but i think he is gonna to die i hope not but my mind is telling me he is.

  Hades had control of the match the whole time, didn't really give Markarov much time to use any magic before he took him out easily. All Markarov really did was use that defense magic. Besides, his main magic is the one that makes him a giant, he's probably not as good with elements as he is using that magic or possibly other magic which is why he probably didn't use them.

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