Might Guy is totally a amazing beast

Gai is badass, dosen't get enough credit, I reckon apart from Naruto he is currently the strongest in Konoha along with Kakashi. I wouldn't be surprised if he is stronger than Kakashi with his ability to predict the movements of the enemy by focusing on their feet and counter the Sharingan's need of having eye contact for genjutsu techniques. Yeah Kakashi has learned Kamui but if he misses Gai (incredible speed) then he ends up losing majority of his chakra. He ain't called 'Konoha's Sublime Green Beast of Prey' for nothing.  
  Guy knows how to do ninjutsu but cause Lee can't and the fact that Lee wants to be exactly like him he choose's not to. So far the only ninjutsu he has used is summoning jutsu. But yeah it is unfair on Neji and Tenten although they don't necessarily use ninjutsu, Neji with taijutsu and Tenten her weapons.
  Also Gai knows how to cancel genjutsu as it is shown in Orochi's invasion in part I. To Guy Lee is the favorite student so he teaches him most of the time. And to tell the truth he can't teach Neji because, Neji would train with byakugan and he can't teach Neji new moves of the hyuga clan. Hinata's father would be a better teacher for Neji. Tenten is also unique and Guy wouldn't be that much of a great teacher to her. He also actually tried to teach them his fighting style of taijutsu but they weren't able to learn like Lee.


  When Japan manga step into the stage of world, we start to know that we can drawing manga in this way. I believe nobody will doubt the position of Nihon in <a href="http://manganimeweb.jimdo.com">good manga</a> and anime field, because even the super cartoon country USA cannot against it in animation. Especially the 2-D anime, show a totally new world to the universal.

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