Tobi under the cover

Tobi must be one skilled Sealing master to seal all those Bijuu's into the corpses of the previous Jinchuuriki's. For christ sake guy's he only just got the 6 bodies, there wasnt enough time for him to seal the Bijuu's back into them, only to Unseal them afterwards.

  Im sure Tobi will enjoy unsealing all 7 Bijuu's with his depleted Akatsuki Members. It takes longer with less people, and last time i checked, Only Tobi and Zetsu are the surviving Akatsuki members synced with the Gedo Statue. Sasuke has no intention to play with the tailed beast's, and Kabuto obviously has his own Agenda. Tobi also will not risk kabuto and Sasuke meeting one another. I'm pretty sure they have their Bijuu powers, since the extraction itself is what killed them, the bijuu's were not removed and then they died, they died as part of the extraction process. if I recall kushina is the only person who survived an extraction and thats because she is an uzumaki she would have died soon enough though.

  7 Bijuu's not sure if he has Kyuubi aswell now?: Like I said before I believe he has high likely Re-sealed the Bijuu's back to the Edo Tensei Jinchuriki paths aswell as the 7 Tailed Beast in himself because how's he going to control them all without running out of Chakra, this is war and everybody gives what they can at full power, though Tobi has alot of Chakra it may not be enough so this is also a strong fact for them having Bijuu's in them and ofcourse in himself.

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