Pirates king of woman Kuja pirates

Island of Women is a jungle island located within the Calm Belt. Due to the island's location, there is no wind or storm ever on Amazon Lily. The focal point of the island is a large mountain situated in the center, it is carved with gigantic curved snake statues and the name of the native tribe of the island, Kuja engraved in Kanji. Within the center of the mountain, is a deep valley where the village of the Kuja tribe is located. The architecture and decor of the village resemble that of ancient China.

  They typically seem to wear a warrior style of clothing they they have for every day use that is skimpy and usually have straps, as well as a bikini style briefs/clothing on their lower regions or very short loin clothes. Many wear thigh length boots and stockings or have their legs completely bare. The style of clothing they wear would be considered otherwise "kinky" to normal people but are worn freely by the women on the island.

  The women are raised in the ways of the warrior and are often burly and strong, but there are the odd beauties amongst them. Despite being a warrior race, the Kuja cultivate a surprisingly peaceful existence within Amazon Lily, and only engage in battle amongst themselves in arranged competitions held in the local arena for the general public's entertainment. Typically, as there are no men to do the work that they would otherwise do elsewhere in the world, the women do all the chores from fishing to building.

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