Full-bringers power in the latest Bleach manga

According to what Ginjou said their powers are more like hollow powers, so I think that they didn't show to Ichigo their extent of their power. Do you think that the full-bringers might have a 2nd stage like espadas had their resurrection? Cause seriously after all we've seen I can't believe that the full-bringers can only do this a simple trick with their full-bring and that's it, I think that they might have a 2nd stage as well. It's true that Ginjou said that the full-bring is only one, but Chad said that his full-bring changed several times, so Ginjou might know something more he doesn't wanna reveal.

  I think they're still humans like everyone else with no powers no matter what u say. It's same as saying that Ichigo being a shinigami is his 2nd stage. No, Ichigo is a human and when he is a shinigami he has 2 stages, shikai and bankai. His first stage is shikai and his 2nd stage is bankai. So what I am saying is that there might be a 2nd stage to their full-bring.

  Well in Sados case he has his attack arm and defence arm. Orihime in otherhand has his Attack fairy and defence fairys. But whit others its different. I would say that Sado will get stronger and his Fullbring will be a lot stronger. They may even get their version of bankai but I highly doubt that it would be given to other fullbringers than Sado. We've already seen that Ginjou's sword can project energy blasts and when fused with the shinigami badge it can absorb power. Ginjou may just be the exception but he definitely has something we haven't been shown yet.

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