All of the Jinchuriki are appears in manga

Most people here know that Gaara is one of my favorite char's in Naruto, outside of him it has to be Yagura. This man showed us one jutsu so far and he's automatically cooler than 90% of Narutoverse. Not to mention he was a Kage and looks extremely epic, I can only have high expectations for the man and I hope he shows up.

  Jinchuuriki would Yagura hands down. Just loved the mirror technique of his. That move seems so op against certain techniques. I wonder if can mirror techniques such as the rasenshuriken or the tailed beast bomb. If it can, then things just got a whole lot harder for Naruto and Bee. Definitely have been eyeing Yagura ever since they introduced him in the series cool mysterious weapon and I wonder how he got tangled up with Tobi. Now that we saw his water mirror technique, that was really awesome. Although all the Jinchurriki's seem worthy of a bit more back ground history, not that it'll happen. Fuu and Roshi are also really cool and I think have cooler tailed beasts.

  One of the most accomplished Jinchurikis along with Yagura.. Master of his Bijuu. Naruto is one or more steps below. The master swordsman, having an unique 7 swords style unraveled even by the means of the sharingan. The Rapper, who reigns in unraiko the turtle island.

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