The strongest people without Kekkei Genkai/Tota

Hiruzen Sarutobi: He was capable of taking down Orochimaru, Hashirama Senju, and Tobirama Senju with his summon/staff Enki at his old age. He was also one of the two people with title "God of Shinobi", the other being the Sage of the Six Path. It was also stated by Onoki that he was the strongest Kage in the Third generation of Kages (Onoki, Third Raikage, Third Mizukage, Hiruzen, Third Kazekage).

  Minato Namikaze: It was stated that in the last Great Ninja War, he took down 1,000 Shinobis in a instant. He was the fastest ninja alive. Very intelligent. One of the four people with Space-Time Teleportation (Himself, Tobi, Tobirama, and from his reaction to Tobi, most likely the real Madara Uchiha).

  Third Raikage: He was very, very, very durable, not even the second/third strongest Tailed Beast could damage him or the Rasenshuriken. Even though he died against an army of 10,000 shinobi, that entire battle lasted three whole days.


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