Some powerful magic in Fairy Tail

Someone believe the most powerful type of magic would be Time Arc, Besides the fluke from Ice magic, and its innate weakness to the other lost magic of Trees... Its really beast, Not only being able to age Any elemental magic, But any equippable magic as well, it is the ultimate Defense, Mixing that in with the way ultear used that orb. If done with other items could be potentially unbeatable. Furthermore this technique would go GREAT with Reequip.

  But Time arc can only effect inanimate things, so Mages who use plants, or animals, Celestial Spirits for example would have an advantage over Time Arc. I gotta say, I can't see any flaws behind Rusty Rose's Arc of Embodiment. The only reason he lost, was that he ran into a couple of mages (Fried and Bixlow)more powerful that he was.and he still nearly defeated them. Anything that's imaginable is your weapon as long as it's real.
  Fairy Law! It's a global spell that only affects the enemies of the caster, but it has the power to defeat top wizard class mages like Jose. The only weakness to this spell would be the opposite, Grimoire Law. Grmoire Law doesn't actually stop Fairy Law, but if used together, it could cause mass destruction and both parties could be potentially wiped out.


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