Last moment of the king in Hunter X Hunter

The king has "transcended" typical human emotions. He has become the ideal person. At least thats what im getting from the chapters. He compares himself to a god...he can analyze and understand everyone. I need to emphasize, "understanding." He doesnt just sense feelings, he understands them.

  If you're walking down the hall and someone who isn't paying attention bumps into you, making you spill coffee on your shirt, and he runs off without even saying "sorry" ...the typical human reaction is to get pissed off and call him a jerk, etc.

  But if you "transcend" that emotion, if you had the ability to pick up on that persons feelings, you would see that he wasn't just "not paying attention." He actually just got a phone call that his wife was in a car accident and he was rushing to his car to get to the hospital. Now, with that knowledge, you no longer have can't. You feel sadness and regret for that person.   

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    Miroslávek (Thursday, 05 April 2012 11:05)

    Many thanks for details