Which Zanpakuto do you think own the strong power?

Not in Terms of PURE Power, But in terms of Most useful Ability in Base Combat Against Shinigami; Considerably, All the Zanpaktous Require Spiritual Pressure to be used effectively, This Weapon would devour and eat the Spiritual Pressure from any user, with seemingly no limit to the Amt it can absorb. So in theory: Ruri'iro Kujaku Vs Ichigos Zangetsu, Zangetsu would not have any spiritual Energy (Hollow nor Shinigami) to Produce attacks, Leaving it to a Pure battle of Skill in swordsmanship (im not counting in ANY Kido at the current time, Nor any other traits from Shinigami/Hollows) Another Example would be Ruri'iro Kujaku Vs Yamamotos, His fire REQUIRES Spiritual energy from Yamamoto, So if he has none to give his flames would not be strong or would not exist.

  Now Im not saying Yumichika is the strongest, In any sense, Because he shows he does not use this wisely, Also does not seem to have a large series of Kido nor Regualr Fighting Style, So Even though the Zanpaktou would win in a Zanpaktou Fight, That does not mean the other Shinigami could not beat the others, Futher More; Kido Requires Spiritual energy, So ANY Kido user would be useless, Hollows use Ceros (Spirit Energy), Any and all Techs from zanpaktous require some extent of Spiritual Energy in some sense, With Exception to Kenpachi... Which this sword would probaally only HELP Kenpachi (Learn his swords name) So in Theory, If you were to say Yamamoto Has Ruri'iro Kujaku Vs a Yamamoto with his normal Zanpatkou, Technically Ruri'iro Kujaku Should win that fight, because he would seal all fire abilitys, and Kido, But would allow Yamamoto with Ruri'iro Kujaku To still use these techs giving him a generally all around advantage,

  And again we could have a situation with him like we did with Soi Fon's supposed sure death in two hits ability where someone with a higher reiatsu can just negate it's effect completely. My money is on Ryujin Jakka. With it Yamamoto was able to fight two of the strongest captains in soul society (Ukitake and Shunsui) and get out of that without a scratch and posed enough of a threat that aizen had to formulate a plan revolving solely around keeping it's fire sealed. Still love thinking about the look on his face when Yamamoto initiated Ennetsu Jigoku  

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