Some appealing manga types

I've been reading a lot of shonen recently, but that's just because the anime's too slow and I can't wait. Personally I prefer watching my shonen because the fight scenes are just must watch.

  I love reading shojou, however. There's really no difference between a shojou manga and an anime for me, except probably that the latter's colored and filled with twinkly lights and colorful backgrounds. But the effect is virtually the same. Since I love reading books, especially chic lit, I love reading shojou manga as well. What I love most about reading shojou manga is the fact that it's all still pictures. It's like you freeze frame every sweet moment.

  Horror - I love horror manga. It's hard to explain why, because it's something I've always been into. I guess I like how they can get to you. Oh, but I;m not a huge fan of those 'horror' stories that are more about blood and gore than about fear. A good horror story has atmosphere, a feeling of something not being quite right that creeps up on you and then, bam!, the revelation that something horrible is about to happen and that there is no escape.

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