Famous manga which influence me lost

Gundam Wing

Started watching this around the same time as DB and I loved it. I mean, c'mon, what hyperactive 6 year old doesn't love giant fighting robots and cool-looking characters? Best of the Gundam series IMO, though closely followed by Gundam 00 which was probably the first series I watched that was heavy on politics as well as action.

Durarara!! / Baccano

Both series were created by the same guy and though they are in more than one sense very different, you got to love both because of the pure awesomeness in the plot, the settings and concepts - hell, even the background music gets you tense. I watched DRR!! before Baccano because I saw it as a recommended anime on animecrazy.net and I instantly loved it. After I finished watching DRR, I found out the creator made another series I heard of, and though I had heard of Baccano before, I never got around to sitting down and watching it. I'm glad I did because these two were really eye-openers to the potential of anime-styled story telling of unique and inventive and completely out of the norm stories you just won't find in mainstream anime.

Dragonball / Dragonball Z

First got to watching this show when I was around 5 or 6 and is still the best series. I've had such great times not only watching the show and collecting the manga books but just playing the video games, playing games based on it on the playgrounds and so on. My childhood is deeply connected to the series, hence why I tend to get defensive of it when anyone has the audacity to insult it.

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