Classical moment in Katekyo Hitman Reborn

I loved all the moments where a Future version of someone was introduced. Especially the Guardians, their sexitudes were magnified ten-fold XD Just look at Future Gokudera, I stood staring for 10 minutes at that page thinking... Good job on growing up, Gokudera! xP Ryohei was also all kinds of sexy and the only word to describe ten-years-later Mukuro was hot And I loved the page he gets when he faces Byakuran.

  I also loved all the moments where the Primo Guardians were introduced, G. and Alaude   particularly. There were epic spreads each time. I never would have expected Giotto to do something like that, especially since he seemed so calm, cool, and collected, but then he just patted Tsuna on the shoulder and blurted for him to go kick his butt.  
  I really like anything with the Guardians any fight anything really. The future arc had a lot of great moments, I really liked it when Kyoko came and Tsuna went all protective, I'll protect you even if I die, that's the attitude you'd expect form a Mafia Boss. I just loved that scene.

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