Change of Kuchiki Rukia, more difference

It would be great to see a new move or 2 from Rukia. Something on a larger scale or a Close range move like Shirafune. I don't see having Bankai either. Maybe down the line, but she has barely been made a VC. So let's hold off on that. Besides I can already see a lot of Rage, because we get her Bankai but no Hisagi or Kyoraku Bankai, if it's shown before theirs is revealed.

  Something that I would like to see more than a new move, would be a sort of change in fighting style. I WOuld Love to see Rukia incorporate Kaien's Fighting Style with how he Holds his Trident high. THough she does hold up her blade high when she uses Hakuren. Would be nice because I really admired Kaien's fighting style, too bad he himself was never seen using it.  
  After her bravery and strong will shown in HM she deserved a promotion, but I'm surprised she went from a mere foot soldier to VC. I assume she realy worked hard for this. I also think she might wanted to get stronger so she could stand on ichigo's side once more, conviced he'll get his powers back sooner or later. of course this is speculation on my part, but seeing as it's rukia who once again gave ichigo powers (ok, urahara's energy blade did, but she was doing the stabbing) she still cares about him.

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