New secret guy: Iron Hat

Iron Hat, I am very curious about his past, why he has the power to choise the pacifiers (a part of the tri ni sette) their owners? even if he didnt choise anything and he only gave them anyway that gives a lot of questions. And why he can create and enter the arcobalenos dreams? maybe he has some sort of control towards them. I think he was the clear arcobaleno and he want to gather everyone so the winner can take his place as the iron hat man like his predecesor did.

  I thought it was painfully obvious it was just some random wimp hired to do the informative work. I mean, isn't the lack of proper eyes OR A FLIPPIN' NOSE a dead giveaway? Not to mention the lack of a half checkered face. The whole fight to save one rainbow is pointless. there is no logic unless the ulterior motive is that the guy in iron hat has a vendetta against mafia, he wants to gather everyone strong and wipe them off the face of the earth.
  I am still sceptical that the 'representative' who is hosting it is actually the same as the man in the iron hat.... they have a few differences if you look carefully. And I'm not referring to his metal face plate.

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