Hunter X Hunter: Did Gon really limit his potential?

Everyone is sayin that gon Has pretty much put a caP on his potential because of the huge transformation he underwent to be able to defeat.. Well massacre pitou, but I think he really didnt do damage to his potential to become one of the best hunters in the world, I think the only damage he did was to himself and what he did was more of a risk to his body than his nen capabilities. My reasoning for this is because he has always been described as someone with "limitless" potential and to me that says that no matter what he does there is always a way for him to become better and that he can never max out on his power. I also think it was a health risk Instead of a nen risk because of the way ging adressed gon when partsion brought him up. Ging seemed very confident that he would not die, but also because he wants gon to surpass him it seemed that he showed confidence in that Gon can still most definantly surpass him in power.

  That's Gon in his prime. About 25-30ish. He looks too buff to be a teenager. So yes, I think that's the cap of his abilities at that time. It's really different because Gon only growed in nen level not by experience, he still uses the Jan Ken. Possibly in the near future he could have developed a completely different technique but we'll never get to see that. But growing with experience I bet he would have been more, shall we use your term "limitless."

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