Naruto: Which one is the terminator of Kabuto?

When we start to fall in love with this anime, there is a special man hide in the dark:Kabuto. He is not the final BOSS, he is not stronger enough. To be a unique bad guy, why he still alive up to now? Who will be the terminator of him?

  Someone think that hope Anko has a big part to play, simply because she has been messed up from the start because of the him and Oro. And till this instant he is using her. I feel so bad for her and also think she is a great character. Another person that I think should kill him is Yamato. Wouldn't it be cool though if someone figured out how to disable the seal that he puts in his Edo bodies? This way, they will kill him instantly!
  The others believe Kakashi will be the final person to off Kabuto. They will finally finish their battle that started 3 years ago. It would be like when Sasuke killed Orochi because there battle started 3 years ago in forest of death. Same thing with Kakashi's.

  Another think Sasuke will killed Oro. It was to get the whole "Eye" story over with, and also became like a Starwars sith successor element. I cannot see enough story and depth in Kabuto vs. Kakashi though. Unless he revives the White Fang. 

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