K.H. Reborn: Xanxus in the "game", game start

The pacing of the story is really good, it tackles things one by one. I laughed at how Tsuna, Yamamoto and Gokudera pictured adult Reborn in their minds.Lol at Skull, his words isn't taken seriously by the Shimon family and just like before he felt stupid haha.He is being treated like a baby but he really is so there is no surprise with that.

  Looks like its not only Xanxus who has agreed to fight for Marmon but the entire varia as well. I think the reason Xanxus and the others agreed to it is because its a chance for him and his group to fight and have their revenge against Tsuna's family. Helping Marmon might just be their 2nd reason or it might be their 1st reason as well.I wonder who will be Fon's representative, I hope he managed to get a good one. xD Ohh I wonder what Verde offered Mukuro to be able to make him agree to represent him in the fight. I mean knowing Mukuro's nature that doesn't like to worked under anyone or be affiliated to someone.

  This story or should I say arc is like the "reunion" of all the characters Tsuna have fought in the entire series. It's Kokuyo gang, Varia team and Shimon family(I don't know if their opponent during future arc, the Millefiore or someone from there will appear in this arc. Maybe there is a chance since we got to see Byakuran at the last arc healing Yamamoto.) Whether they became his ally or not it really feels like they are all gathered and it will be the second part or round of their fight against Tsuna though at this time he is not their sole opponent but they will be fighting another characters as well.

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