Faity Tail: Dragon Slayers, the Dragon kller's power

What is everyone's thoughts and opinions on this class of magic that few have been noted to wield so far? From the chapter 164 I was thinking that there are five "true" dragon slayers at maximum. Though yes, we do need a break from them, it's time for another Zeref arc!
Seriously, the only arcs that DON'T mention dragons/Zeref are ones that involve Lucy and NOT Natsu.

  That were my thoughts as well at first Kasek, thought there would be dragon slayers representing fire, water, wind, etc. Though that was quickly thrown out the window when Gazelle showed up. The whole concept of them, the Dragons, teaching there magic to people is very cool and I'm really captivated by the thoughts in my head on how this will play out but as you, Kasek, have said the only arcs that don't mention it are the ones involving Lucy and not Natsu. Hopefully it gets played down a little before it becomes played out.

  We can also learn something from the Japanese five elements, all five of which have been seen in Fairy Tail. Natsu is fire, Gajeel is easily earth, and it's really ambiguous where Wendy fits in due to the nature of her powers (they are clearly air-based, but the terminology used is "Sky", which can apply to two elements- "Wind" and "Void", and Void in Fairy Tail is another application of wind-magic.) but she fits in all the same. Fifth element is water, and there's plenty of that being thrown around.

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