What about Bleach and Fairy Tail?

To be a cartoon lover, I believe everyone know those two famous manga. Both of them are exciting type, different team different home, same enemy, strong faith. There are lots of same points in those manga. Fairy Tail and Bleach, which one can be the best one? May be some of yours guess this is the theme of this article. You are wrong! Actually I just want to find some bug form them,compared with other exciting manga such as Naruto, One Piece, I think Fairy and Bleach still have something need to improve.

  Someone will be angry because of my words, but that trutH. Such as Bleach, too many people appeared just in a second, it's hardly for us to remember who that guy is and he is the leader of which team. Even though the author describle them very well but still have the feeling of crowled!And I still do not understand how strong Ichigo is? He always beated by his enemy but kill them just in a moment, at first I think the enemy is very strong and it's impossible to beat them, but Ichigo do it quickly(seems that he like become strong in a second). This is the same problem of Fairy Tail. Natsu always beated the enemy seem will never nbe beated by him.
  I lov ethose two manga and I just write my opinion, hope someone can refute me, taht's can be perfect!

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