General One Piece: Battlefield Noah

In the latest One Piece manga, the main battlefield has changed to Noah. Luffy, Fishman island prince and princess, Hordy Jones are all arrive the ancient ship. By the way, the battle on the island are also very exciting, in order to protect Nami from the monster undersea, Sanji fight with the guy. And Zoro also found his competitor too, strong sword VS sword. Chopper and Ussop fight together to againest two of the cadre of the new fishman pirate team. Bruck, Franky, Nami, Robin also have their own enemy to againest. In a word, Everyone need to fight and the most important battlefield has moved to Noah!

  And  on the Noah, Lufyy have to win Hordy in the sea, which is known to all, Luffy cannot fight on the water but Hordy is a fishman and fishman can develop their ability in the water, so it's a bad factor. Even though he can win Hordy easily on the land but there are must be a hardly fight on the Noah. But we believe he can save the princess and island finally. Next episode will pause for a week. We have to wait one more week to know the result of this fight!!

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