Bleach: Fight in different space

Fight in game zone, those things can only happened in the anime world. That's true, and in Bleach's world, there are some new ability appeared recently, even though the new abilities are devil. Creat a new zone for everyone is one of the ability, because of this power, Shinigami divided into many dofferent part!


      Ichigo and Ishita VS Ginjou, just talk with each other, no fight so we just skip this one! Ginhati finished his battle just in a second, actually thst's really exciting but it's too quickly to us! chikisima and Byukuya, those two pride guy in a same zone, Byukuya seems hate chikisima very much and shoe his ability at first,thousands of Sakura flying around him  and we can guess the result. chikisima is strong, but which is known to all that Byukuya never lose his fight!     


      There are still have many different zone with a different scenery, I believe Toushirou will show his result of two years practice. This can be the most exciting moment. Hope that we can see the fight of him in next esipode!

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    Luka (Wednesday, 04 April 2012 02:31)

    Appreciate your info