REBORN: Family VS fAMILY; Arcobaleno VS Arcobaleno

Talked with Iron face man, Arcobaleno can not stay calm and start to find their assissant, not only assissant but also some friends even the man who used to be enemy! What happed between Arcobaleno and the unknown man? And what's the secret of Arcobaleno? Let's start with the dream among Reborn、Colonnello、Mammon、Skull、Verde、fon and the secret man.

  We can learn something from the communication between Reborn and Tsunayoshi, the iron man is the man who lead all of the Tsunayoshi to the curse, and the curse make them become little baby. The iron man told them if they want to undo the curse, they ahve to start a fight to improve that the one is the most stronger guy in Arcobaleno. A nd the rule of this game is: Arcobaleno can just fight by themselves or find someone who willing to replace them to fight. In a words, Arcobaleno choose the most stronger partner, Iron face man choose the most stronger Arcobaleno and then undo his curse.
  Obviously this is a trick, but in order to undo the curse, Arcobaleno accept the game and start to find their partner, Reborn choose his student Tsunayoshi and Dino finally. The others already choose the perfect man too. May be in the future, we'll see a huge fight between family and family, even among Arcobaleno.

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