In this espiode author told us that Leikage was the most stronger Ninbja used to fight with monster and  almost beat it! After controled by Kabuto, he can even use his oringial power himself, actually he become a monster at this time! Can Naruto beat him? Let's look at this esipode!

  We always said that Naruto beat his enemy just with lucky, and it's the truth too! But with the development of his ability, Naruto already become a great Nijnja actually. In this time, the competitor will never be defented just by lucky. lEIKAGE was controled ny Kabuto and he want to drag the power inside of Naruto's body! Naruto have to beat him in a second because the speed of Leikage was very fast and the attack was strong too! After talk with his new teacher, he guess that why there is a scary at the Leikage's body then use his Ra Sen Gan hit at his arm. he get the answer and beat Leikage finally!
  Naruto was growning up very fast and we also hope that Garro can be more strong than before,fight with another Kage, we can see that he was too tired to denfend the attack. Will he win without the help of Naruto and the others? We will see!

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