Reborn: Secret of Arcobaleno

Reborn、Colonnello、Mammon、Skull、Verde、Luce Aria、Uni、fon、Lal Mirch, I believe all of the fans of Katekyo Hitman Reborn are like those Arcobaleno,even though some of them are not the pure one or already not excit on this world, but we will never forget the face of them, the voice of them and the fight with them. And at last episode, we almost know the secret of them!

  Which is known to all, Yamamoto is the unique one who know the truth of Reborn in Vongola family, Tsunayoshi really want to know all of the message about Reborn, then is the dream of Reboen. All of the Arcobaleno get together in their dream, actually is a uncanny man who call them to there. And he is the man who choose them to be the Arcobaleno few decade years ago.

  Maybe the most amazing secret in this manga will be published immediately, maybe the eighth Homura.In a word: the most dangerous affair between Arcobaleno and Vongola family will begining!

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