Bleach: Sharing Ichigo's ability

Ginjou already become a totally fiend at lastest two esipode. And he snatch all of the power of Ichigo successfully, and in this esipode, some characters (new but familar with us)
start their project.
  At the first opportunity chikisima focus attention on Ichigo and the other Shinigami, Urahara and Ichigo's father Isshin make Chado and INOUE lost thieir consciousness, then bring them away. At the same time, Ginjou's partner step into the battlefield,and just in a second, Ginjou shared the power from Ichigo to his partner. In my opinion, a new battle between Shinigami and Ginjou will start!

  Ichigo not the main character in this episode, and the most exciting moment can be the appear of Isshin and Urahara on the scene. And I also want to know the ability of Toushirou, I believe he already more stronger than before because he is the unique one who have a big potential to improve his power. Let's look forword to next week!

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