Naruto: how to be a Hokage

In last episode we can enjoy a exciting thing is that Itachi alive and he get rid of the control from Kabuto then show his last Ninjutsu. And in this week, Itachi, Naruto, KillerB get together to against with Nagato, because of the stong Ninjutsu and his strange body, Naruto step into danger!


  After a amazing combat, those three man beat Nagato finally. Nagato send his last mind to Naruto and believe he is the man in the prophecy who can end the war and lead human to peace. So Kabuto know he have no idea but use his final trick, and we don't know waht the trick is and in my opinion it must be something relationship with the coffin.
  Naruto wanted to forbid Kabuto but he lost his power due to the long time fight. Itachi taught what the truly Hokage is, the man who can earn the respect and believe of his friends and companion. Then Naruto know the spirits of Hokage and the leader, I think he become more maturely than before.  And at the last menu, we can saw a hand with Ra Sen Gan, but I don't know the intention of Kishimodo (the author of Naruto manga), why he just show a hand to us ? We all know that the unique one who cna use Ra Sen Gan is Naruto (except Konohamaru, because he never join in this war), so I doubt who the man is ? May be we can know the answer in next one!

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