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We all know that Luffy will start a disaster in Fishman island,and in this esipode we can see the forecast of this event. Luffy and his friends already start to against with the devil of this island: Hordy Jones.

  We can also learn more informations of Luffy's partners and the most attracting must be Franky and Chopper. Franky with his new robots and Chopper show his new ability. Actually their not more stronger than Zoro and Sanji but we can found the growning up them obviously, and the most important in Luffy's group is growing up. Nami and Usoop's new weapon, Niko robin's split new skills, all of those are the symbol of growning up. And I believe at the next eposide Luffy will beat Hordy easily but the troble is the ship: Noah. It's too big to avoid it (it is said Noah can cove rhalf land of Fishman island), can luffy destory it? Or destory it by his group?I don't know.
  May be in the next episode we can know the result of this island. May be we can know the answer of Noah. Next episode!!

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    Bartern (Wednesday, 31 August 2011 13:30)

    So beautiful words, so great articles,great ! ! !